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Year 2019 Google Alerts - Big ranking, traffic drops

Year 2019 Google Alerts - Big ranking, traffic drops

Google has confirmed is that it uses about 200 ranking signals while determining organic search page rankings. There are on-page factors, domain-related factors, off-page factors, site-level factors, as well as numerous technical SEO factors which contribute to where your website falls on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) for the various keywords related to your industry.

Few Things Which Matters For Your Site Ranking

Website architecture is the primary thing you should get right upfront especially while launching (or relaunching) your website.

By organizing your website into subdirectories, as well as having clear strings of text at the end of every URL, you'll make it much simpler for Google to recognise who you are as well as what topics you want to be an authority on.

Notice the "https" at the starting of the example URL, above? This is how Google identifies safe websites from non-secure ones. You want your site to be secure.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol a virtual procedure that transfers data from a website to the visitor's browser. HTTPS is the protected version of this protocol, as well as it ensures Google that the data its indexing is harmless to the searcher. The "S," as you've expected guessed, stands for "secure." To ensure your website domain, you'll need what's called an SSL certificate.

Topics are also significant for your Google ranking -- they help lay the foundation for the page authority you'll require to rank highly over the long term.

The more content you publish on an exacting topic, the higher each piece of content relating to that topic will rank in Google's SERPs.

Why Google Send Alerts?

Google is now sending alerts as well as notifications from Google Search Console while it detects a “substantial drop” in clicks to your website from the Google search results compared to previous weeks data. Google is essentially searching at week-over-week data in the Performance report as well as if the data is substantially off; Google may send a notification to verified property owners in Search Console of the change.

How Does It Work?   

It appears Google will review your site clicks and query clicks as reported in a Google Search Console’s opening report. If it sees outrageous fluctuations, Google might send a presentation to those that have precise entrance to that skill in Search Console. In a box above, Google saw a 40% dump in weekly clicks from Google hunt to a web site as well as so an email warning went out.

Why Will You Observe Drops In Clicks?

The news connected trend, there is not much you may do about. But if your rankings decreased, maybe there is a technical problem with the page that caused it to drop. That is where you perform some SEO services work to try to remedy the problem.

The simple reason you would see a decrease in clicks or impressions from Google search is that your web page which ranked in a certain position in Google no longer ranks in that position. Or maybe there was a spike in exact news-related searches that stopped trending the week after? 

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