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Some amazing paid tool that you can use for free using Google SEO Tools

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps bloggers to rank their website on the first page. It is very hard to rank our website without SEO. SEO is a very important thing for bloggers. For that many bloggers buy many paid tool. There are many paid tool available for blogger. Ahrefs and Semrush are one of them. This two paid tool is very popular. But this tools price so high. For that today I tell you about some amazing paid tool that you can use for free using Google SEO tools. Google SEO Tools helps you a lot to get a rank in google.

Google releases a chrome extension for bloggers. Its call Google Lighthouse. This is a very good tool for bloggers. This tools can generate some basic SEO related reports. Also, this extension has many features. I will try to give more information about this extension in the future.

Google Trends gives us so much information like which keyword is in trending or which keyword losing its popularity. Using it we can check our competitors. It is a very good tool that we can use for free. We can also see some real time searches using Google Trends.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is one of the best Google SEO Tools. Many people don't know about this. Google release this tool for advertisers but many publishers use it for keyword research. Using these tools bloggers can research keyword. You can get much information from it like Monthly Avg. Searches, Competitions, Bids. This tool gives you many ideas about which keyword you should use in your article. This is a premium feature that we can use for free.

So this some premium tools that we can use for free using Google SEO Tools. Those tools help you a lot to get rank in the google search. Use Google SEO Tools to get much traffic on your site. I hope this article helps you to know something new. If it is helpful for you then share this to your friends. Thanks for reading this article.

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