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Google released Android 10.0 Android Q Beta


Almost every people now using Android Phone. Android is a popular operating system for smartphone users. Android is based on the operating system Linux. From the start, Google released many Android versions. In the current time, the latest Android version is Android Pie which is released in 2018. I already talked about Android Pie you can check it from here. Now I tell you about Android Q Beta. Google released Android Q Beta on 13 March 2019. But it is a Beta version. It is available for testing purpose. Google released it for testing purpose. It is not publicly released. Every pixel device can download its update. It supports all three generation pixel device and even the original pixel.

Many people don't have a pixel device. But do not worry, you can still use this beta version. For that, you need an Android emulator and download the latest emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android Studio. You can simply download the system image from Android Developer Blog or you can download the system image from here. We know that Android 9 version name is Android Pie and Android 10 Beta version name is Android Q. I hope Google publicly release the Android Q soon.

So, you should try Android Q Beta version. Google add many features on this version. Google releasing this version soon. But Android lovers you should try it. In next post, I will try to tell you about some new feature google add on Android Q Beta. To see that post stay with us.

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